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Lib Dem Achievements in Government

Updated May 2014. Reproduced with permission from http://www.markpack.org.uk/libdem-infographic/

Recent updates

  • Greg headshot
    Article: Jul 28, 2014

    Member of Parliament for Leeds North West, Greg Mulholland, has led parliamentary tributes to celebrating Yorkshire Day, due on 1st August.

    Mulholland has put forward a parliamentary motion calling on the House of Commons "to celebrate all that God's Own County has to offer" on this 39th annual Yorkshire Day. The first one was held in 1975 in protest at local boundary changes proposed by the government at the time.

  • Article: Jul 27, 2014

    Welcome to Broxtowe Enews, brought to you by the Liberal Democrats and edited by David Watts, the leader of the Lib-Dems on Broxtowe Borough Council. May I give a special welcome to the new readers that we have this week.

    1. Core Strategy

    The Government Inspector has published her report into the Broxtowe Core Strategy this week. She has approved the plans for Broxtowe without any modifications. This is extremely rare. Many authorities have their policies rejected by the inspector (as happened to Rushcliffe) and nearly all have modifications suggested (as was the case for Gedling). To get through without any modifications means that the independent inspector has concluded that we struck exactly the right balance of complying with our legal obligations for the borough to make sure that we have planned for all the anticipated issues that will arise over the next 15 years on the one hand and to ensure that we protect local communities on the other. I know that not everyone will be happy with the outcome but we now know with certainty where we stand and I hope that everyone can now work together to take the borough forward rather than be fighting over this stage.

  • Bedford Hospital
    Article: Jul 25, 2014

    Two proposals for a massive, permanent downgrading of Bedford Hospital have been identified by NHS Commissioners as preferred options under their ongoing health review. The two models for future care both involve major cuts across all services including an end to all maternity and dedicated children's services in Bedford. The move comes in spite of the hospital's high safety rating and the growing local population.

  • Vince Cable MP with allotment plot holders at Shacklegate Lane Allotments (Vince Cable MP)
    Article: Jul 25, 2014

    Vince Cable is seeking a meeting with the council and local allotment groups after residents have protested that an expansion of Teddington cemetery will be made at the expense of allotments.

    Vince Cable said, "I have been campaigning for allotments for years both in Parliament and locally. Their popularity is growing and there are now long waiting lists, whereas some years ago it was difficult to find tenants in some sites.

  • tbb5
    Article: Jul 25, 2014

    The Royal British Legion Battle Back Centre Expedition team, which includes Greg Mulholland MP, were joined by the Dean of Leeds Metropolitan University Dean, Professor Andrew Slade, for a celebration of their successful expedition.

    Greg was part of the cross party trio of MPs that joined a group of serving soldiers and veterans led by Dave Bunting, who previously led the British Army Everest West Ridge Expedition in 2006, that conquered Cotopaxi, a 19,347ft/5,897m active volcano in Ecuador to raise money and awareness of the Royal British Legion's Battle Back Centre.

  • Article: Jul 25, 2014
    A Public Hearing was held in Hinckley on the 24th July into the future of the Big Pit nature feature in Hinckley.
    The Big Pit is considered an environmental asset, by many residents in Hinckley. It is a water feature, almost a lake, behind Ashby Road in Hinckley.
    An applicant has proposed to fill in the Big Pit and build houses on the site.
    This has provoked huge opposition from local residents and Hinckley Lib Dem Councillors. The plans to build on the Big Pit were opposed by both Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council and Leicestershire County Council.
    So the applicant appealed to a government Inspector for permission to build on the site.
    The Inspector held a second Public Hearing into the case on July 24th and there was a big turnout of local residents and Councillors.
    Michael Mullaney Lib Dem County Councillor for Hinckley said "Residents came with real concerns about what would happen if the Big Pit were to be filled in. There are worries about the sheer number of lorry movements along Ashby Road it would take to fill in the Big Pit, and the noise and dust that would come with those lorry movements.
    "Many residents raised worries about the risk of flooding in the area being increased if the Big Pit was filled in. And many residents consider the Big Pit to be an environmental asset that needs protecting.
    "Hinckley Lib Dem Councillors Jeff Bannister, David Bill, Bron Witherford and myself all spoke at the meeting on the need to protect the Big Pit and the risks that would come if it were filled in.
    "I hope the Inspector took on board the large number of concerns raised by residents and Councillors at the Hearing. I hope when he makes his decision the Inspector will oppose the plans to build on the Big Pit, and support keeping this environmental asset in Hinckley."
  • Article: Jul 25, 2014

    Vince Cable visited the council's exhibition on Sunday and is not persuaded that the project is in the interests of Twickenham.

    Vince Cable said, "It looks to be a good idea to have the old Royal Barge housed on a new dock in Twickenham. But the access road is too narrow and congested for visitors. This is a prestige project costing £1 million in capital and potentially annual support. And it is at the expense of green space in one of the best loved parts of the borough."

  • Greg headshot
    Article: Jul 25, 2014

    Liberal Democrats have helped to restore the UK economy to pre-crash levels, figures released today show.

    The UK economy has grown by 0.8% over the last quarter, ensuring that the UK economy has now returned to the same level it had before the banking crisis in 2008.

    Greg Mulholland, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Leeds North West, said:

  • Bedford Town Hall office block mid-demolition
    Article: Jul 24, 2014

    If you have been down by the river in Bedford town centre recently, you will know that the town hall office block building is disappearing fast! In order to enable local residents to keep tabs on this major step for Bedford Town Centre, images from a live webcam have been made available to all by Bedford Borough Council.

  • Cllr Michael Mullaney speaking out against the
    Article: Jul 24, 2014

    Cllr Michael Mullaney Hinckley and Bosworth's Executive member for Housing has welcomed moves that will see changes to the spare room subsidy or "Bedroom Tax"

    "At last years Lib Dem conference I spoke in favour of scrapping the Bedroom Tax.

    "In theory it was a good idea and the New Labour Government of course had already stopped providing the spare room subsidy for tenants who rented in the private sector. But it ignored the reality there are just not enough smaller council houses for people to move into. From Thatcher onwards, Labour and Conservative Governments simply stopped building Council Houses, so today there just aren't the Council Houses for people hit by the "Bedroom Tax" to move into.

    "Many of those hit by the bedroom tax are disabled people. It is an unfair 'tax' and it should be scrapped. When you take into account all the extra bureaucracy and costs created by the Bedroom Tax it is causing a lot of pain without even saving much money.

    "I am glad that the Lib Dem leadership now accept there is a need to change the Bedroom Tax. People who need a spare bedroom for medical reasons should no longer be penalised and people will only have to pay the Bedroom Tax if they refuse an offer of a suitable smaller property. Conservative Ministers however say they are opposed to these common sense changes.

    "These reforms are long overdue and I welcome them. In the meantime, until we can get the Conservatives to agree to these changes, there are discretionary housing payments available for people hit by the Bedroom Tax. If people think they qualify I would urge them to contact the Borough Council on 01455 238141"