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Grantham and Stamford

The Westminster Parliamentary constituency of Grantham and Stamford covers the towns Grantham[2] and Stamford in Lincolnshire with surrounding villages and includes the following wards of South Kesteven District Council:-

Aveland, Belmont, Bourne Austerby, Bourne East, Bourne West, Castle, Casewick, Dole Wood, Glen, Grantham Arnoldfield, Grantham Barrowby Gate, Grantham Earlesfield, Grantham Harrowby, Grantham Springfield, Grantham St Vincent, Grantham St Wulfram's, Isaac Newton, Lincrest, Morton, Stamford All Saints, Stamford St George's, Stamford St John's, Stamford St Mary's and Toller

Grantham and Stamford

South Holland and the Deepings

The Westminster Parliamentary constituency of South Holland and the Deepings covers the area around Spalding and roughly corresponds to the South Holland local government district, with Market, and West Deeping added to it. It includes the South Kesteven District Council wards of Deeping St James, and Market & West Deeping and the following wards of South Holland District Council:-

Crowland & Deeping St James, Donington, Quadring & Gosberton, Fleet, Gedney, Holbeach Hurn, Holbeach Town, Long Sutton, Moulton, Weston & Cowbit, Pinchbeck & Surfleet, Spalding Castle, Spalding Monkshouse, Spalding St John's, Spalding St Mary's, Spalding St Paul's, Spalding Wygate, Sutton Bridge, The Saints and Whaplode & Holbeach St John's

South Holland and the Deepings

Recent updates

  • Image for Brexit petition
    Article: Dec 9, 2018
    By Observer editorial

    With the exit deal set for a resounding rejection and an abject lack of leadership, it's finally time to give the voters a say

    The choice facing MPs on Tuesday - whether to approve the terms of Britain's exit from the EU negotiated by the prime minister - is the most important postwar decision parliament has confronted. It will irrevocably shape our nation's future, Britain's status and influence in the world, our economic competitiveness and the rights of future generations to live, study and work across a continent.

  • Article: Dec 6, 2018

    For two years the Liberal Democrats have led the fight to give the people the final say on Brexit and the opportunity to Exit from Brexit.

    Tuesday's vote is the best chance yet to secure a People's Vote and the Liberal Democrats will be using every opportunity to demand better than Brexit.

    The Conservatives have made a mess of Brexit, aided and abetted by the Labour leadership.

  • Article: Dec 6, 2018
    By Sir Ed Davey MP

    To try and sell a plan that would rob us of many vital cross-border crime-fighting tools on the basis of national security takes quite the brass neck.

    Consider the European Arrest Warrant. It enables us to bring criminals who've fled our shores back to justice in the UK, as well as to extradite thousands of others to face justice in other European countries.

  • libdems at Brexit march
    Article: Dec 5, 2018
    By Editorial in The Guardian

    Theresa May's plan to leave the European Union is off to a disastrous start. How will it finish up?

    Brexit is often sold by its most committed supporters on the right as a constitutional version of the economic doctrine of Thatcherism, a clean break with the failed policies of the past. These fanatics succeeded in convincing David Cameron, who was prone to flattery but supine in the face of aggression, that a popular vote in a referendum was a remedy for the unrepresentative nature of Westminster politics. Once they did away with Mr Cameron, they installed Theresa May and carried on with legislative manoeuvring to enable an irreversible transformation of society. The hard Brexiters are ruthless about the means, and in denial about the fall-out of their desires. Yet now the game is up.

  • Article: Dec 5, 2018
    By Bansri Buddhdev

    Parliament found the Conservative Government in contempt over its failure to release their Brexit legal advice

    Yesterday, Parliament found the Conservative Government in contempt over its failure to release their Brexit legal advice.

    So they are publishing the full advice this morning - and our team of experts are ready to pour over the detail and find out what they were trying to hide.

  • Article: Dec 5, 2018
    By Rhys Taylor

    At our 2018 Spring Conference the Welsh Liberal Democrats followed in the footsteps of our Scottish friends and passed policy calling on Welsh Government to overhaul its guidance on school uniforms to make then more inclusive for trans and non-binary young people.

    I am proud to be in a party where members' shape our policy - and can directly make a real difference in peoples' lives.

  • Article: Dec 3, 2018

    Today as we mark the international day for persons with disabilities, I am very aware that one billion people around the world live with a disability - that's roughly 15% of the global population. I am one of them, mainly using a wheelchair and sometimes walking with sticks. I could have written something smooth and supportive, but I am angry at having to be an afterthought in our society today.

  • Article: Dec 3, 2018
    By Tony Vickers in - Select one -

    A report on the potential for land value taxes in Scotland is about to be published, ALTER has learned.

    In January this year, the Scottish Land Commission (SLC) invited tenders for a study of the potential of land value taxation (LVT) to reduce inequality in land access, in particular to look at technical issues that would face any plan to implement LVT.

  • Miriam
    Article: Nov 30, 2018
    By Miriam González Durántez in The Guardian

    I'm a European living in Britain, not a 'queue jumper'. And I refuse to believe ordinary people are as hostile as her

    I have a confession to make: I'm not sure I could trust myself if I actually ran into David Cameron. Ever since the Brexit referendum, I have been trying to avoid any occasions where I think we might have to meet. I know myself, and if I saw him I'm not sure I would be able to stop myself from telling him in no uncertain terms exactly how I feel about the damage that he has inflicted on Britain, both economic and political, and about how he has impaired the chances of young people, while endangering the European project and European values precisely when we need them most.

  • 1.5 degrees to stay alive
    Article: Nov 29, 2018
    GLDNEWS November 2018
    Protest: Together for Climate Justice - Saturday 1st December 2018 http://grn.lib.dm/a417KS Join The Green Liberal Democrats: We meet from 11:45 near Great Portland Street tube station (Met & Circle), where there is a pub, a Pizza express and shelter. It is only about 200 metres east of the Regents Park station (Bakerloo). Please bring your GLD banner from the Brexit demo if you still have it. Background: The recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) is a landmark for our planet; setting out just what is at stake if we breach 1.5┬░C of Global warming. Maps, speakers and more at: http://grn.lib.dm/a417KS * Please subscribe to our website for Daily Updates (we don't update every day, but this way you get notifications that day not a week later!) http://grn.lib.dm/en/subscribe-by-email Volunteers please for Beverly Green Day (Yorkshire) 30 March 2019 http://grn.lib.dm/e4MK GLD NOTTINGHAM CONFERENCE Saturday 15th June 2019 http://greenlibdems.org.uk/gldconf2019 We need bold action on climate change says Sir Ed Davey MP http://grn.lib.dm/a617M0 Heathrow 3rd Runway motion to Southwark Council by Cllr Graham Neale: http://grn.lib.dm/a217Mk A choice of evils: Landfill vs Burning Refuse by Julian Hawkins http://grn.lib.dm/a417LW Bristol Council declare a Climate Emergency (Peter Bruce) http://grn.lib.dm/a617K4 Greening the Workplace by Kevin Daws http://grn.lib.dm/a117LB Liberal Democrat Trade Unionists call for action on Climate Change http://grn.lib.dm/a517LC Model Motion for Trade Unions to affiliate to the Campaign Against Climate Change http://grn.lib.dm/a817LB The FrackFree United Declaration http://grn.lib.dm/a717KR Climate Emergency: Jane Brophy's speech to Trafford Council http://grn.lib.dm/a517MB Fracking: Jane Brophy's speech to Trafford Council http://grn.lib.dm/a217MC Badger Culling: Jane Brophy's speech to Trafford Council on http://grn.lib.dm/a817Mz Joint statement from Lib Dems, Green Party, SNP and Plaid Cymru on Barnier meeting http://grn.lib.dm/a217JN Climate Change Armistice 100 legacy : Mary Page declares a Climate Emergency http://grn.lib.dm/a817LZ Rugby Borough Council Air Quality Annual Status Report http://grn.lib.dm/a117JN Southampton City Council Clean Air Zone consultation response http://grn.lib.dm/a517M0 Banking on Climate Change, Fossil Fuels report 2018. http://grn.lib.dm/a017MD Brexit Welter: opinion by George Miles http://grn.lib.dm/a917MC ACCREDITATION: If you are a councillor/MP/etc or a candidate then you should be interested in Green Liberal Democrat Accreditation that enables you to use our logos with your news and campaigning material and access GLD members locally who might help you in your area. https://greenlibdems.org.uk/en/page/candidate-accreditation YOUTH OFFICER: Green activists in the Liberal Democrats are looking for a volunteer Youth Officer. We're looking for keen green-minded members to help us publicise the vacancy and advise the GLD Exec on how best to work with young people. http://grn.lib.dm/a817w5 HELP US TO GROW: Please encourage your friends to Join GLD, via the website. https://greenlibdems.org.uk/en/page/join-now We have a public facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/greenlibdems/ We have a facebook group where members can post and receive advice and help with campaigns, info etc at https://www.facebook.com/groups/GLDMem/ Our TWITTER is @GreenLibDems https://twitter.com/greenlibdems Our INSTAGRAM is https://www.instagram.com/greenlibdems/ Please subscribe to our website for Daily Updates (we don't update every day, but this way you get them that day not a week later!) http://grn.lib.dm/en/subscribe-by-email, Congratulations on reading this far - most people won't as they're super busy, but you, dear reader, have: so please think about contributing to our GLD website and newsletters, without more content we are invisible...maybe you've an old student article on your hard drive (or ten) that you can quickly convert for us? Checkout the searchbox top right to see what subjects are outdated or missing from our archives. This email will be discarded in minutes but our GLD webpages are forever and should pop up in google searches. We have followed the GDPR guidance at https://www.libdems.org.uk/gdpr Email gldnews at greenlibdems.org.uk (edited by George Miles - sorry for any mistokes)