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The Future for Bosworth

February 24, 2013 12:20 PM
By Michael Mullaney - PPC for Bosworth
Originally published by East Midlands Liberal Democrats

Michael Mullaney addressing Spring Conference

Speech to East Midlands Spring Conference

So Bosworth, famous for the Battle that took place in the constituency, even more so recently with the discovery of Richard 3rd under a car park in Leicester.

Well if you're a coalition enthusiast I'm afraid I have some bad news for you, the coalition hasn't reached South Leicestershire and the battle of Bosworth is re-run as a monthly event between us and the Tories at Council meetings.

At Hinckley and Bosworth Borough the Lib Dems have a record of success. Keeping Council Tax the lowest in the County and one of the lowest in the Country, maintained frontline services and avoided any compulsory redundancies. Campaigning all year round on local issues, campaigning to save Hinckley's Ambulance Station, local bus services, fire service, bus services local planning issues.

We continue to win in Bosworth post coalition. In 2011 winning a majority on the Council, winning by-elections since then and aiming to win County seats in May.

Well the Tories, we're taking on their rotten record in Hinckley and in Leicestershire ready for the County elections. At the County Council Tories wasted masses of money on publicity, wasting a million pounds on the former Tory leaders expenses and chauffeur driven car and at the same time cutting police Community Support officers, cutting rural bus services, cutting support for pensioners.

And then there's the Hinckley and Bosworth Tories themselves. Our Tory MP David Tredinnick is the last of the John Major sleaze MPs who managed to survive taking cash for questions in the 1990s. His way out ideas, claiming for astrology software on expenses to help him decide how to vote on issues, saying that doctors and scientists who didn't believe in Chinese alternative medicine were racists, believing in radionics the idea that you can cure someone remotely hundreds of miles away if you have a sample of their hair or blood, believing government should spend money from the cancer drugs budget on homeopathy. And to cap it all he has just been appointed to the Health and Science select committees, presumably as a joke!

Then there's the Hinckley and Bosworth Tory Council group. Who have included the councillor whose now doing life for paying his lover to murder his business partner.

The Tory Councillor done for racism, who declared at a public meeting that the Romanians were terrible and would stab you as soon as look at you, in fact he said, they were worse than the Irish, which as a Mullaney I took particularly badly.

Well how about things regionally. The next elections will be a challenge for our region. It was half a century ago, when our Regional Chairman Tony Rogers joined the party, it was that year that the then party leader Jo Grimond said that he would lead the party towards the sound of gunfire.

Well the gunfire trained at us by the other parties has been pretty heavy of late. However, don't despair. To colleagues in Labour areas, Labour may seem to be a political goliath at the moment. Yet remember that David killed Goliath using a stone he found lying around.

And Labour have left many stones around for us to chuck back at them.

Labour may claim to be a progressive party but during their time in government they widened the gap between rich and poor further than it was under Thatcher, taxed the poorest fifth of people a higher proportion of their income in tax than the richest fifth, let the bankers run riot, attacked civil liberties 90 days detention without trial, billions were to be wasted on compulsory Identity cards, launched the illegal war in Iraq that killed hundreds of thousands of people, left the economy in a mess and we should remind people of Labour's abysmal record in office at every opportunity.

And we have seen from the result in Eastwood recently that we can still beat Labour.

Is everything perfect in government. Of course not. Has the government done things we disagree with, I'm sure most of us can say yes I certainly can.

However, we have in government done many positive things that we can be glad about. Millions of pounds going to schools to give the poorest pupils the most help through the pupil premium, record pension rise last year more than under Labour, tens of millions of people on middle and low incomes getting Income Tax cuts this year and hundreds of thousands of the lowest earners taken out of tax altogether. And aiming to take it further after the election to take everyone on minimum wage out of Income Tax altogether to make work pay.

So, yes the government has done things we don't agree with. But it has done things we can support.

So do not spend your campaigns on your knees apologising for everything that is happening, but get up and fight back. Because the government isn't perfect, but it would be much worse under a Labour government after the mess they made running things just a few years ago, or a Tory government on its own which would be running things far more unfairly for the benefit of the super rich.

There's eight weeks to go before the county elections so get out and campaign in your areas, get on the doorsteps, sell our policies, get the leaflets out do the telephone canvassing, keeping fighting don't give up and on May 2nd we may well find that we amaze the critics with the results we get.

Thank you