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Broxtowe Enews 12th October 2014

October 12, 2014 10:37 PM

Welcome to Broxtowe Enews, brought to you by the Liberal Democrats and edited by David Watts, the leader of the Lib-Dems on Broxtowe Borough Council.

  1. Marilyn Hegyi

I have to begin with some very sad news, reporting the death last week of Toton Borough Councillor Marilyn Hegyi after a short illness. I had always found her a very pleasant person to deal with and she sought to be an active voice for her community, voting against the Tory whip when she felt that this was in the best interests of Toton residents. I'd like to extend my deepest sympathy to her friends and family.

  1. Field Farm

Hopefully we are now moving towards the end of the saga of development at Field Farm in Stapleford. The borough council originally granted planning permission a year or so back but the Secretary of State decided to "call in" the application after pressure from our MP. This means that he would have arranged a public enquiry to consider the application and report to him. However this week he has announced that he has changed his mind over this and that there is no longer any need for a public enquiry to be held. The developers will still need to submit details of their scheme which will be considered by the council at the Development Control Committee, and so it will still be some time before building actually starts.

  1. HS2

Rumours have been circulating this week that HS2 are to announce an amended route to avoid a rail marshalling yard in Leicestershire. If this happened the station at Toton would no longer be built. Tracing the source of these rumours has proved very difficult. They were reported by Anna Soubry who said that they had come from "informed local sources." There are two problems with this. The first is that there are no informed local sources, HS2 have not released any information to anyone, much to the frustration of many local authorities. Second it's fairly common knowledge that when the press report that they have had information from an informed source of "friends of the minister" that usually meant that the minister him or herself was the source of the information. I haven't been able to find out any information this week save that an announcement will be made on 27th October. HS2 did say that they thought that in the East Midlands the arguments between different councils was the biggest problem, although here in Broxtowe all three political parties have been united in support for the scheme.

  1. Web site

I mentioned last time that I would be upgrading my personal website at Unfortunately things haven't gone quite according to plan. The idea was to make the site more attractive when using a mobile device as over half of visits to it now are from these. Unfortunately something has gone wrong and whilst the site looks find when viewed from a computer when accessed from a tablet the front page picture is heavily distorted. My website suppliers are urgently trying to find out what has gone wrong and hopefully an improvement will be made very shortly.

  1. New WEA Course

Following the success of their previous courses Rubmletums Café in Kimberley have announced that they will be running anew WEA course - The English Republic: Life Under Cromwell - Revolutionary, Social Reformer or Religious Despot? - starting in January. The tutor will be Ann Parker and the course will run on Tuesday's between 3:15 and 4:45pm at Rumbletums for nine weeks starting on 13th January next year. You can enrol at Rumbletums on the day or in advance. Rumbletums are also running a course together with Transforming Notts Together on Basic Budgeting between Wednesday 15th and Wednesday 22nd October from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. This is a partnership between Rumbletums, TNT and St Patrick's and Holy Trinity churches in Nuthall and Kimberley. For full details please contact Anne-Marie Ainger at TNT on or on 07921 387 797.

  1. GP Shortages

It was worrying to read this week that the East Midlands is the worst place in the country for GP recruitment. Just 63% of GP training places in the region are currently filled, compared to 90% in every other region. In addition more than one third of GP's in the region are at or approaching retirement age. The Government have said that they are taking steps to recruit more doctors but given the length of time it takes to train a GP the problem is likely to get worse before it gets better.

  1. Notts County Council Budget Consultation

Notts County Council has just announced a budget consultation for next year. They aim to save £77 million over the next three years and are inviting residents to have their say over how this may be done at I reported in the last newsletter that the Conservatives were calling for the district and borough councils to be scrapped as a way of saving money, and this as generated a lot of correspondence. Overwhelmingly the reaction is that people are opposed to scrapping borough councils, with a number of people saying that they would prefer to see the County Council abolished and all their activities passed to the district level authorities.

  1. Young Offenders

The number of new young offenders has dropped to less than a quarter of those committing crimes less than four years ago. Those who do commit crime are also less likely to reoffend than they were previously, and are far less likely to be sent into custody. There are many reasons for this (I took part in discussions about it at the Lib Dem conference) but all the indicators show that crime is falling and we should be delighted about this.

  1. No Trick or Treat Posters

The borough council and Notts Police have again produced a 'No Trick or Treat' poster for those who don't want to be bothered by people calling on Halloween. This can be downloaded from the council's website at

  1. Tree Planting

I reported some years ago that Broxtowe Borough Council ad adopted a target of planting 100,000 trees across the borough. This is something I am very keen on promoting, and I'm delighted to report that we have now reached the three quarters level towards that target, with 75,000 trees being planted to date.

  1. False Alarms

The number of false alarms that the Fire Brigade have been called out to has fallen for the fifth year in a row. The Fire Brigade show that they were called out to 4,166 false alarms, of which 1,255 were calls class as with good intent, 143 were hoax calls and the rest were generated by automatic alarms etc.

  1. Changes to this service

I will need to make some changes to the way that this newsletter operates over the next few weeks. The server that I use to generate the newsletter is no longer going to operate and so I will need to switch to another provider. However I am very conscious that when I sought readers views as to possible changes last year there was a very strong response from people saying that they liked it the way that it was. I will therefore keep any changes to the absolute minimum.

As ever thank you for your support for this newsletter. Any feedback is gratefully received.

Best wishes


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