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Sal Brinton and Willie Rennie respond to Jeremy Corbyn's election

September 12, 2015 5:42 PM
By Sal Brinton and Willie Rennie in Liberal Democrat Voice
Originally published by East Midlands Liberal Democrats

sal brintonSo, that was emphatic. Corbyn wins Labour leadership election with 60% of the vote and a massive lead in all three categories of the vote. The first Liberal Democrat reaction has come from Party President Sal Brinton:

The Corbyn style of politics may generate a lot of noise but only one thing keeps Government in check - credible opposition.

As Labour abdicates its responsibilities, the Liberal Democrats will offer the serious, responsible and the economically-literate alternative this country badly needs.

We will find common cause with the millions of people who do not support this Government and need a party to represent them."

She added:

"Liberal Democrats want to build a society where people are given back control of their own lives.

"A society where they can rely on decent public services that are properly funded - without bankrupting the country.

"We are the only party which can stand up to the Tory assault on the welfare state without resorting to pie-in-the-sky economics.

"Our priority is giving people power to control their own lives, free from poverty, where government is focussed on helping people build and fulfil their potential.

"If you want to be part of a party which is - and always has been - the party of the centre ground, then join us".

Willie Rennie's said:

"Jeremy Corbyn's leadership signals a return to the damaging see saw politics of the past. With a Conservative Party in Government screeching further to the right and a Labour opposition returning to the extreme left wing politics politics of the 1970's, Britain needs a serious, responsible alternative now more than ever.

"Only Liberal Democrats offer a radical, centre ground alternative which delivers economic competence and social justice".

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