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Tim Farron stranded in storm

December 9, 2015 9:56 AM
By John Roffey in Liberal Democrat Voice

Tim Farron FloodsIt was reported on the BBC News at Ten on Saturday night [Ed: and also here on LDV] that Tim Farron had been stranded in his car with four children in the stormy weather conditions, in Cumbria with (presumably) a telephone interview with Tim.

I wonder if, while waiting to be picked up, he reflected on the report from Keswick - that the town had launched an appeal for one million pounds to help with the clear up operation that will now be required in the town. If he did he might have recalled that each of the bombing missions now being carried out on Syria, that he had voted for on Wednesday, had been costed by Sky at a little more than this amount.

As Tim says in the BT report "It is incredible weather. We have not seen anything like this. This is Cumbria for pity's sake - we are used to challenging weather. This is beyond anything I can even recall". This news item was followed by a report from India which claimed that the Madras area is experiencing the heaviest rain for a hundred years with 'The Hindu' not being published for the first time since 1878 - nearly 200 people have already died.

The BBC followed these two items with a report on the second set of air strikes on Syria - no doubt each at a cost in excess of another million. I presume that the particularly unusual weather reports in the UK and India will help to convince those who doubt that mankind's activities has affected the climate and should help the negotiators, in Paris - currently trying to get a binding agreement on CO2 emissions. However, for me it seemed so ridiculous to be spending millions on weapons - money that is desperately needed to build flood defences at home.

Since it is admitted by both David Cameron and Michael Fallon that the air strikes will be needed for many years to come, I wonder if Tim, with his constituency MP's hat on, will consider whether the Party should campaign for stopping air strikes on both Iraq and Syria. It is accepted in both cases that it will require 'boots on the ground' - and in the end, as in Afghanistan, it will be the group who are most determined to succeed and fight for the land that will end up controlling the areas eventually.

I would be surprised if a sizable majority will not support this view within a few short years as hundreds of millions are wasted on weapons that kill and destroy rather than build, although the manufacturers of these weapons (or more precisely the main shareholders and their executives) will be very disappointed if their 'cash cow' should stop lactating after more than a decade.

* John Roffey is a former member of the Party from Crowthorne who is actively considering rejoining - he is particularly concerned about global warming/climate change and other environmental issues.