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Sign the Petition Calling for the Cuts to Universal Credit be Reversed

January 30, 2016 6:15 PM
By Nick Clegg via Phil Knowles
Originally published by East Midlands Liberal Democrats

In 2010 the Coalition Government set out to simplify the complex benefits system and change it to make sure that no one was worse off when they went to work. To do that we agreed to introduce Universal Credit, which in its original form would have reduced poverty and made 3 million working people better off.

Yet it soon became obvious that George Osborne and the Treasury saw the introduction of Universal Credit not as a way of improving the benefits system, but as an excuse to cut benefits instead of helping families out of poverty.

Time and time again Osborne and the Treasury tried to reduce the amount of money people would receive or push people off Universal Credit faster. On numerous occasions Liberal Democrats had to fight to stop them.

We were always clear that the shift to Universal Credit could not be done on the cheap - otherwise the very people we wanted to help would be hurt.

Now, without us to stop them, George Osborne and the Treasury look set to get their way. So we're campaigning yet again to make sure those on Universal Credit aren't worse off.

Will you back our campaign calling for the cuts to Universal Credit be reversed?

George Osborne's changes will mean millions of low-income people in work will be worse off. People affected could lose more than £1,000 per year. And the incentive to work - which was the main point of UC - will be significantly reduced.

Similar to the tax credit changes which we eventually blocked in the House of Lords, the Conservative Government clearly hopes that their cuts to UC are sufficiently complicated so that no one will notice.

Well, Liberal Democrats have noticed and we are trying to stop the Government once again. Having taken a brave stand on Tax Credits, Tim Farron is now working to revoke the Government's changes to Universal Credit. On Wednesday, we're going to try and stop them again.

Sadly, it looks like Labour, too preoccupied with their own internal battles, aren't going to support us.

I am supporting Tim's fight to retain the plan that we started in 2010 to lift families out of poverty, reduce the complexity of the benefits system and increase the incentive to work - but we need your help too.

If you agree with Tim, and want to fight for a fair Universal Credit, sign the petition here.