Black workers face a "massive pay gap" that widens as they achieve more qualifications, according to a report by the Trades Union Congress.

The research suggested there was a 23% gap in hourly pay between black and white university graduates. Black people with A-levels were paid 14% less on average than white workers with equivalent qualifications, while those with GCSEs faced a deficit of 11%.

Liberal Democrat Equalities Spokesperson Baroness Meral Hussein-Ece said:

"It simply unacceptable that, in the twenty first century, black workers from all levels of education on average still receive a smaller pay packet than their white counterparts.

"In government, Lib Dems forced the Tories to back moves for large businesses to publish the difference in average pay for their male and female workers.

"The Government must now look at extending this to publish pay gap figures for ethnic minorities too. Only by forcing big business to be transparent can we get the full picture and take
targeted action."

The Liberal Democrats 2015 manifesto included a commitment to implement 'name-blank' application forms in a bid to cut discrimination.