Alongside the forthcoming new Head of Campaigns, 2017 is also seeing a new Head of Digital Content at Lib Dem HQ, Michael Wilkinson:

Previously political correspondent and homepage editor at the Telegraph, amongst his achievements in journalism are:

  • Most read Telegraph journalist online in first half of 2016
  • Devised and delivered digital coaching strategy for hundreds of journalists
  • Led the Telegraph's live coverage of the EU referendum and 2015 general election
For a flavour of what we might all look forward to, here are a few of Michael's articles for the Telegraph:

EU referendum: Mark Carney warns Brexit is biggest risk to Britain's financial stability

EU referendum: Brexit could take up to 10 years to happen, warns former top civil servant

Boris Johnson insists no one has been gagged as he reverses EU referendum email ordering his staff not to contradict him

Revealed: Jeremy Corbyn's top aide Seumas Milne backed Chinese communist dictator Chairman Mao during his elite boarding school days

Legalising cannabis in UK 'would raise £1billion a year in taxes'

Clearly too good for the Telegraph. Welcome aboard.