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That fist-pump moment!

April 12, 2017 12:57 PM
By Anita Day in Postcard from a Lincolnshire Liberal

Anita DayI don't know if this ever happens to you, but occasionally I find myself doing an internal fist-pump! Generally it is caused by something I've seen or heard or read which resonates with me … perhaps a story of honour & courage, like the girl in Birmingham standing up to the EDL last weekend…. or the latest witty put-down of the US President on Twitter……or the incredible victory of a long-revered hero (Roger Federer, of course!). But usually, it is caused by something which encapsulates my beliefs and values.

I've had a few occasions in Brexit discussions, of course, when someone has described feelings just like my own. But just this week, I had a fist-pump moment with an unlikely source. I happened to find myself on the Liberal Democrat website, on the page which displays the Preamble to the Constitution. For those who don't know it, it basically summarises what Liberal Democrats believe in. The statement hasn't changed in a while. And I've read it many times before. But somehow, on that particular day, it meant something. Without wishing to be sentimental - although actually I was - it reminded me of the reasons I am proud to call myself a Liberal Democrat. So I did an unexpected internal fist-pump! (Just in case you are interested in reading it too, you will find it here:

I had a second internal fist-pump when I saw the final list of Lib Dem candidates for the Lincolnshire County Council elections on 4 May. This will be the first opportunity for people (including EU nationals) to deliver a verdict on this government's actions- so it was important that we fielded as many candidates as we could, to give voters the chance to vote for a Lib Dem and allow us to gauge our level of support post-Brexit. Although we didn't manage to put up a candidate in every division, we did manage to field 8 candidates in South Kesteven (out of 14 divisions), and 5 (out of 9 divisions) in South Holland, which was great progress.

South Kesteven:

Bourne South & Thurlby: Ian Smith

Colsterworth Rural: John Ramsbottom

Deepings East: Adam Brookes

Grantham East: John Bland

Grantham North: Claire Lunn

Grantham South: Ellie Symonds

Stamford East: Harrish Bisnauthsing

Stamford West: Anita Day

South Holland:

Crowland: James Finister

Holbeach Rural: Philip Hammersley

Spalding East: Kathleen Tanner

Spalding Elloe: Mark Currier

Spalding South: Jordan Swallow

Our thanks go to everyone who put themselves forward to stand as candidates - many of whom are first-timers - but equally to the campaigners, election agents, and deliverers who have come together to make these campaigns possible.

As regards our prospects… some academics are predicting that the Lib Dems could win 100 seats nationally (with the Tories net winning 50, Labour losing 50, and UKIP losing 100). However Lincolnshire County Council is currently strongly Tory, so they are clearly the favourites.
But who knows. Let's give the elections our best shot! Let's have a real fist-pump moment on 5 May!

Take care, and speak soon


PS: If you are interested in any of my previous Postcards, you can find them here:

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