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Finding out what matters to you

September 30, 2017 2:10 PM
By Peter Taylor in More United

Last week we asked for your thoughts on the future shape of our movement, what you felt the challenges in politics are today, and a few of your thoughts on what More United has achieved so far.

More than 6,000 of you shared your insights with us.

Top things we learned from the survey:

  • Most of you are dissatisfied with the state of politics in the UK
  • Your number one concern is that extreme views are dominating politics.
  • When thinking about pride in British politics you value freedom of speech and equality.
  • Finding a way to work across political parties is your most important More United achievement
  • Being election ready, recruiting more MPs across parties and Brexit are your priorities for tackling in the days ahead

How you feel about politics in the UK

When we asked; When you think about UK politics, how positive do you feel? The majority of you responded that you feel negative, and just 21 of you described yourselves as feeling 'most positive' about politics in the UK.

Digging further into the reasons, top reasons included Brexit, representation, leadership and the accountability of politicians.

Here are the answers weighted together:


Your priorities for change

Day to day politics is dominated by policy issues and we wanted to identify the wider challenges facing the UK that are important to you.


When we asked - Aside from policy issues, what do you think are the three biggest challenges facing British politics today? The results were conclusive, with the rise of extreme views in post-brexit Britain a clear priority, followed by tribalism between parties and a lack of leadership among our politicians.

This chimes with previous research showing that the majority of More United supporters aren't members of a political party, yet feel a strong political motivation and concern about the state of politics in the UK today.

What you value most in politics

One of the aims of the survey was to find the things which you value about politics in the UK, and that in the current circumstances may be under threat.


When we asked you to rank the things that made you proud of politics in the UK Freedom of speech was the most important, followed by differences becoming more acceptible (e.g. LGBTQ rights) - on the website version of the survey this was the most popular answer. The most common answer on the 'other' option was nothing - again reinforcing the need to fix our broken political system.

Who inspires you?

We wanted to know who you find inspiring. There were many answers from across politics and outside it as well, demonstrating the diversity of support for More United.

The party leaders dominated the result to this question, which also reflects the cross party support of More United. Politicians from Labour, the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, Greens and the SNP made the list and 9 out of the top 19 serving politicians listed were women.


The full list (in order of votes) was: Vince Cable, Caroline Lucas, Jeremy Corbyn, Nick Clegg, Sadiq Khan, Keir Starmer, Nicola Sturgeon, Ken Clarke, Ruth Davidson, Chuka Umunna, David Lammy, Mhairi Black, Tony Blair, Stella Creasy, Anna Soubry, Jo Swinson, Jess Phillips, Hilary Benn and Yvette Cooper.

The top 3 are party leaders, with Caroline Lucas listed as the second most popular, despite green voters being smaller in number amongst our supporter base - the most popular non-party leader is Sadiq Khan, and the most popular Conservative is Ken Clarke.

The most popular choice who isn't a current serving politician was Nick Clegg.

Four Scottish politicians also made the list, Nicola Sturgeon, Mhari Black, Ruth Davidson and Jo Swinson, highlighting an area where More United may be able to do more work in the future.

What you hope for the future: "Integrity, honesty and true representation"

As the problems that face politics in the UK can be overwhelming at times, we wanted to make sure there was an opportunity to express what you hope the future might involve.

When we asked what do you hope for the future? we found a variety of responses, including hope, change and a desire to see better representation of your views.hopes.png

Building on More United's success

Since our launch in 2016, More United has had to rapidly work to mobilize supporters, volunteers and donors in the run up to the snap 2017 general election.


When you ranked More United's success, having 34 MPs who reflect our views in Parliament and finding a way to work across parties were the clear favourites here, reflecting More United's unique cross-party approach.

When we asked what you valued the most about supporting More United there was a variety of responses - including promoting honesty in politics, tolerance, diversity and providing a voice. One supporter summed this up in the quote:

"Their drive, passion and positivity about a range of issues which they have brought together under one roof."

What you want us to do in the future

Unsurprisingly Brexit dominates the responses, along with changing politics for the better. Our next survey will be building on these responses to look at ways of putting this motivation into effective action.

When asked what actions you wanted to see More United take forward, recruiting more MPs before the next election, and being ready for the next election were important key things for us to continue.


What happens next?

In the next few weeks, More United will be following up with some additional opportunities to have your say, and shape the movement for the future.

There will also be some opportunities to take action on the issues identified in the survey - which will put into practice what is important to you, and the ways in which you would like to take action and enable you to make a difference.

MP photographs are from the Parliamentary Data Service Licence and are Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial Chris McAndrew, apart from Caroline Lucas (Adam Ramsay, CC3) Sadiq Khan, Tony Blair (wikimedia) and Nick Clegg (Cabinet office).