Representatives of some parties hoping for seats on the European Parliament took part in a public hustings on Tuesday.

Conservative Candidate Brendan Clarke-Smith and Liberal Democrat candidate Caroline Kenyon took to a soap box at Speakers' Corner, along with representative for the Green Party Valerie Wilkinson - who is not a candidate, but did stand in the local elections.

Oliver Craven asked a question about young people's future. Photo: Daniel Jaines

Representatives of Change UK, the Independent Network, Labour, The Brexit Party or UKIP were not in attendance.

The youngest person to ask a question said he wasn't old enough to vote the first time around.

Oliver Craven, 19, said: "Despite desperately wanting to Remain I couldn't vote in the EU Referendum almost three years ago and the fact is my generation has had our future ripped out from under us - we won't be able to live, work etc in other EU countries. What are the candidates doing to protect our future?"

Liberal Democrat Caroline Kenyon. Photo: Daniel Jaines

Liberal Democrat Caroline Kenyon said it was selfish for those of "middle age and above" like herself and some of her fellow candidates to "take away from young people all these wonderful opportunities.

She said stopping Brexit would protect future generations.

Members of the public on Lincoln High Street were given a chance to ask questions to the candidates.

Much of the debate centred around Brexit, a second referendum and how quickly a campaign to rejoin the parliament would be organised if it was cancelled.