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  • The flags of EU countries flying.
    Article: Feb 18, 2018
    By Tom Brake

    More and more people are getting tired of the Conservatives mishandling of Brexit. It's why we need a referendum on the deal.

    A survey by Kantar Public, published today (Sunday, 18 February), has found that 56% of the public judge the Conservatives' handling of Berexit as poor or very poor.

    Whether people are for or against Brexit, there is clearly growing anger that the Conservatives are badly mishandling negotiations.

  • The union flag flying next to the EU flag.
    Article: Feb 17, 2018
    By Menzies Campbell

    Theresa May's speech on post-Brexit security to the Munich Security Conference shows that staying in the EU is what's best for Britain.

    Everything Theresa May said in this speech illustrated that being in the EU is the best way of securing our security objectives.

    This was an opportunity for her to show some pragmatism.

  • Vince Cable valentine ()
    Article: Feb 16, 2018
    By Sir Vince Cable in The Times

    Love may be in the air but there is little of it lost between cabinet colleagues this Valentine's Day. With Britain negotiating as a disunited unit of one against a united block of 27 countries, the prospect of either 'no deal' or a very poor deal is growing. The prime minister's reaffirmation that she is negotiating to leave the customs union as well as the single market guarantees that there will be a hard and disruptive form of Brexit.

  • Exit from Brexit
    Article: Feb 15, 2018

    The last few weeks have been horrifying. The Prime Minister and her cabinet have tacked even closer to the extremist-fringe of the Leave Campaign.

    Leaked Government reports have revealed that leaving the Customs Union will wreck our economy and cost hundreds of thousands their jobs.

    It's more important than ever to stand up and make our voices heard. Without us - the UK might, willingly, plunge off a cliff-edge on the 29th March next year.

    When Parliament returns, MPs will be debating the Taxation (Cross-Border Trade) Bill. In that bill is a great chance to stop Theresa May's Conservatives taking us out of the Customs Union. But to do that, we need MPs to back amendment NC1.

    Will you contact your MP today and ask them to do that?

    Contact your MP

    Amendment NC1 (which you can read in full here) would attempt to ensure the UK Government negotiates with the EU to keep the UK in the Customs Union.

    We're 100% behind it - and we're working with MPs from all parties to make sure it passes. We're joining Conservative MPs Anna Soubry & Ken Clarke and Labour MPs Chris Leslie & Chuka Umunna in trying to pass this.

    As we saw with the EU Withdrawal Bill, with the backing of Conservative, Labour and the Lib Dem MPs, there's a real chance we can pass this amendment.

    But to make this happen, we'll need your help. We need you to contact your MP and ask them to support amendment NC1:

    Contact your MP

    Staying in the EU is still the best option for Britain - it's why we're campaigning for an exit from Brexit. But a Brexit where Britain leaves both the Single Market AND the Customs Union is the absolute worst outcome.

    This shortsighted, ideological decision will wreck our economy for decades to come and cause countless thousands of people to lose their jobs.

    It's a bad idea - and we have to do all we can to avert it. So please, contact your MP today:

    Contact your MP

    Thank you,


    Rt Hon Tom Brake MP
    Lib Dem Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the EU

  • VInce Cable
    Article: Feb 15, 2018

    On BBC 2's Newsnight on Tuesday, Vince made a very good job of laying out why a hard Brexit is far from liberal here from 7 minutes in.

  • Article: Feb 14, 2018
    By Tom Brake

    If this speech was supposed to offer an olive branch to Remainers, Boris must have picked up the other version.

    A clear majority of Remain and Leave voters oppose the damaging hard Brexit Boris so vigorously advocates.

    They do not want job cuts triggered by tougher trading conditions with our largest export market or life-threatening uncertainty at the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

    Boris's antipathy towards the common rules and standards which apply within the EU, and to trade within the EU, is in stark contrast to Brexiters head-long rush to adopt common standards with the US which would require the UK to accept chlorine-washed chicken, hormone-fed beef, GMO products and potentially open up the NHS to US private health companies.

    If Boris is seeking to establish himself as the standard bearer of liberalism, he should dump plans to come out of the Single Market and Customs Union and campaign to stay in the world's largest free trade area.

  • Exit from Brexit
    Article: Feb 14, 2018
    By Rob Parsons in Liberal Democrat Voice

    If there is a referendum on the final deal about leaving the European Union, what would we say? Here is my starter:


    We recognise that the vote to leave the EU was fuelled (in part) by dissatisfaction with growing levels of inequality, and felt pressure on cultural values and identity. So we need to address a) the reasons why staying in the EU is better than leaving, as well as b) how we are going to address inequality in the UK and the identity issues tied up with some of our suspicion of foreigners. I think it is also important to make the point that staying in the EU is not the goal. It is a step towards our goal of ensuring that this country works for everyone, and not just the élite.

  • your liberal britan
    Article: Feb 13, 2018
    By Maria Geftar Your Liberal Britain's Coordinator

    Hi - are you wondering what you can do to actually help stop Brexit?

    If so, this is where we come in: we want to make sure that you have every possible opportunity to do just that.

    We've got more in the works, but for now here are five things you can do to help us Exit from Brexit:


    Are you a media professional or sector expert? Or just really passionate about stopping Brexit? Then this is the opportunity for you! The Lib Dem Brexit spokesperson, Tom Brake MP, is recruiting a volunteer resource group of industry insiders, communicators and researchers to support his role in the party's campaign to win an Exit from Brexit.

    Our main goal is to provide Tom Brake with a team of writers and digital activists who can ensure that his message is reflected online and communicated in the specialist and student press. The group will also be seeking to establish brand relationships that advance the party's Exit from Brexit campaign. Basically - plenty to get involved with!

    + Head over to bit.ly/BrexitResourceGroup to put your hat in the ring.


    We want YOUR stories about why staying in the EU is important for your town, family, or your identity in general. Join us in our film and photography competition to get the chance to make your story difference-making in our strategy on Brexit. It's really simple. We're looking for one-minute video submissions or photos with brief captions - get creative, make them fun but above all, please make them personal.

    + Apply here: bit.ly/LaunchpadCompetition


    The Online Champions are about to put their full weight the party's official Exit from Brexit campaign. What we mean by this? Well, the Online Champions is Your Liberal Britain's digital campaigning platform where we give digital activists and campaign managers a place to come together, to learn, to organise and to mobilise. This platform is going to be at the forefront of the party's campaign to win an Exit from Brexit.

    + If you spend a fair chunk of time on Twitter or Facebook, and would like to help the party get much more done online, sign up here: bit.ly/JoinOnlineChampions


    The only way we can achieve an exit from Brexit is by growing our movement: no saviour is going to step in and do it for us. So how do we do that? By talking! We all know there are plenty of disgruntled Remainers out there who are one step away from getting involved in the campaign. All you have to do is give them a call and get them to join our growing campaign, making us one step closer to spreading our message.


    Are you interested in running street stalls, public events and on the ground campaigning? Lib Dem MEP Catherine Bearder and her team have created an Exit from Brext campaign-in-a-box to give you everything you need to get started.

    + If you're a Liberal Democrat member, for your chance to obtain a Campaign in a Box for your local party please fill out the order form here.

    ++ If you're not yet a member but want to find out how to get involved you can find your local party's contact details here and encourage them to do it! (And while you're at it, sign up to become a Lib Dem here!)

    Ok, that's all for now.

    Your Liberal Britain, Catherine Bearder team, and Tom Brake await you on the other side! (Where there's no Brexit).

    Cheers to that,

    Maria Geftar
    Your Liberal Britain's brand new Coordinator
    (It's my second week in the job - hi everyone!)

    PS. A recent poll asking participants how well Brexit is going showed that 53% said "Badly".

    (Even Nigel Farage thinks so).

    And that says a lot.

    PPS. If you're as fed up of Brexit emails as Michael Gove is of experts, you can find new ways of getting involved with the Lib Dems almost every day - and announce your own too - over on our Facebook group Lib Dem Megaphone.
    Your Liberal Britain is a grassroots initiative helping the Liberal Democrats reinvent themselves as a bold political movement that no-one can ignore.

    Learn more about our work here, and get involved here. You can read our privacy policy here.
  • VInce Cable
    Article: Feb 12, 2018

    Ministers to set out "road to Brexit" in series of speeches. Probably a series of different roads to different Brexits. Hammond doesn't want to leave his driveway. Boris will have too many pints with Nigel before setting out. Theresa May's sat nav has broken down.

  • Exit from Brexit
    Article: Feb 12, 2018
    By Mark Pack Author, 101 Ways To Win An Election

    Business Insider has been looking at the coming together of several different pro-European groups to form a new, more effective push against Brexit:

    The rise of pro-EU groups such as the Scientists for EU, Best For Britain and the New European newspaper has created an increasingly powerful, but disparate pro-European movement…