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  • Article: Jun 15, 2018

    This month has been the most successful yet frustrating one we've had for our Brexit campaign.

    At the end of May we won a series of victories against the government in the House of Lords.

    We defeated the government on the EU Withdrawal Bill a staggering 15 times - thanks to the thousands of supporters who wrote to Peers we identified who would consider supporting us on this.

  • The flags of EU countries flying.
    Article: Jun 15, 2018

    To make matters worse Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party is still cowering behind the sofa rather than being a real opposition.

    If there was ever a time for the people to stand up and demand to be listened to it is now - and they are.

    23rd June is the second anniversary of the European referendum Leavers lied about having a plan and it's now clear that there is no plan for our exit. It's costing us all money, jobs, damaging the NHS and the future for peace and security for our young.

  • university
    Article: Jun 14, 2018
    By Ruvi Ziegler in Cherwell

    Oxford associate professor and former Lib Dem council candidate fears Brexit will undermine Britain's research status

    Brace yourselves: Brexit winter is coming. In more flexible employment sectors, 'Brexodus' is picking up speed: according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 130,000 EU27 citizens emigrated between September 2016-17, the highest number since the 2008 financial crisis. In considering the Brexit effect on EU27 academics, three words come to mind: uncertainty, hostility, and community.

  • The flags of EU countries flying.
    Article: Jun 13, 2018

    The EU Withdrawal Bill came back to the House of Commons this week after 15 Government defeats in the Lords. Theresa May's strategy this week was shaped entirely by her tenuous grip over her own ranks.

    Theresa May has struggled for months to maintain Tory unity during her mishandling of Brexit negotiations. Cabinet disputes are spilling into public view, ministers are resigning, and Boris Johnson is whispering about his wish to replace Theresa with Trump.

  • Sir Vince Cable
    Article: Jun 12, 2018
    By Peter Walker Political correspondent in The Guardian

    Lib Dem leader urges Theresa May to stand up to hardline Brexiters in her own party

    A "potentially catastrophic" no-deal Brexit is becoming ever more possible, Vince Cable has warned, saying that if this happened it would be an unprecedented policy disaster.

    As the Liberal Democrats prepare to fight the Lewisham East byelection on Thursday on a platform of guaranteeing a referendum on any eventual deal, the party leader said the longer the government appeared deadlocked over Brexit, the greater the risk the UK would leave the EU without a deal.

  • Exit from Brexit
    Article: Jun 12, 2018
    By Editorial in The Guardian

    The Commons debates on the EU withdrawal bill ought to be the high point of the argument about Brexit. Instead much of the debate is imploding

    In an ideal democracy, it might be possible to treat the process that begins on Tuesday in the House of Commons as a worthy culmination of the long debate on Britain's relationship with Europe after Brexit. For two days, MPs will examine many of the most difficult questions raised by Brexit as they look in detail at the Lords' amendments to the EU withdrawal bill. Issues that have dominated politics for the past two years - such as the Irish border, the customs union, the single market, ministerial powers, EU law, fundamental rights, devolved powers and the final "meaningful" vote when the terms are known - will all come under the microscope.

  • Swinson conference
    Article: Jun 10, 2018
    By Jo Swinson MP in The New European

    JO SWINSON guides you through seven steps you can take to help fight Brexit.

    It's easy to wax lyrical about everything that is going wrong with Brexit. The Conservatives are stumbling their way through the negotiations and the Labour leadership is standing idly by.

    In the meantime, the rest of us are left to ponder doomsday scenarios where we run out of food, medicine and petrol.

  • Exit from Brexit
    Article: Jun 8, 2018
    By George Smid in Lincolnshire Reporter

    There is a 'Brexit fatigue' malady going around the land. It is affecting Leavers and Remainers alike. The disorder disturbs the mind - whenever the affected person sees, hears or reads anything about Brexit, (which is every day) he or she exclaims "For God's sake get on with it' - (and don't bother me anymore).

  • Article: Jun 5, 2018
    By Layla Moran MP in The Independent

    But at least we will get a blue passport and maybe even a Brexit stamp. I guess that is decent compensation for the biggest act of economic self-harm in a generation

    Remember the refrain of "No deal is better than a bad deal"? Well, this week we have seen how utterly ridiculous and terribly frightening that concept is.

  • Nick Clegg
    Article: May 31, 2018
    By Nick Clegg

    Anger cuts both ways. It can destroy you and the people around you - or it can drive you onwards. In the latest edition of ANGER MANAGEMENT WITH NICK CLEGG, longest-serving female MP, Mother of the House and former Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman explains how anger against injustice and institutionalised bias has given her the energy to keep fighting.