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South Lincolnshire Liberal Democrats

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Harrish Bisnauthsing - PPC Grantham & Stamford with Jo SwinsonCllr Harrish Bisnauthsing is the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for the Grantham and Stamford Westminster constituency.

A long standing District and Town Councillor, former Mayor and long term resident of Stamford, Harrish has always campaigned strongly and worked for the provision of affordable and social housing and is always accessible to listen and help. Harrish is a highly respected figure in local government because he is decisive, has passion and commitment whilst always being prepared to work with others for the best community results.

Harrish was formerly an electronics engineer in the RAF, a counsellor helping patients in need and a Managing Director of a computer firm. He is now a Trustee for several local organisations and runs a Diabetic (UK) help group.

He has lives in Stamford for arouond 50 years and last year celebrated his golden wedding anniversary with his wife Pam. They have three grown up children.

You can contact Harrish on

Liberal Democrat Policy Announcements and their implications for Grantham and Stamford

Harrish Bisnauthsing - PPC Grantham and Stamford

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