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  • Mark Pack
    Article: Apr 17, 2018
    By Mark Pack

    The annual council election predictions from Michael Thrasher and Colin Rallings are out, based on what has been happening in council by-elections.

    Vote share predictions: May 2018

    On vote share, they predict the Lib Dems to be static on last year, and hence up sharply on 2014 (the last time most of these seats were contested). For Labour and Conservatives, they predict a neck and neck tussle whilst for Ukip it's a picture of continued dramatic decline.

  • Article: Apr 15, 2018
    In ALDC

    If you plan on coming to one of our five 2018 training weekends, our early-bird discounted rates are running low.

    You need to act fast to book early-bird discounted rates, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

    ALDC member price: £160 for a single room (usual price is £240) and £130 for a double room per person (usual price is £210). Non-ALDC member price: £280 for a single room and £250 for a double room per person. It's cheaper to join us and book our member rate.

    The weekends are held at Yarnfield Park in Staffordshire, a dedicated training centre with leisure facilities and a bar. All food and accommodation are included in the price, plus a three course dinner and guest speaker on the Saturday night.

    Kickstart Weekends, 6-8 July + 23-25 November

    The weekend caters for everyone; whatever your role in a campaign, and regardless of your experience. Come along to get tailored, professional advice; training and bespoke mentoring for your team from experienced Liberal Democrat campaigners and councillors. You'll leave having improved your campaigning skills and with a well-developed campaign plan ready for your next set of elections.

    Find out more, watch a promo video + book >>>

    PagePlus Masterclass, 6-8 July

    Taking place alongside Summer Kickstart, we'll be running a PagePlus masterclass for people new to using the programme or in need of a refresher. The course will include an introduction and cover basic techniques, how to download and use ALDC templates, and you'll create a leaflet using materials we provide. There will also be training in literature as well as classes on messaging and photos.

    Find out more + book >>>

    LGA/ALDC Councillors' Weekend, 6-8 July

    Running alongside our Summer Kickstart is our joint event with the LGA Lib Dem Group. The weekend is packed full of sessions focused on improving your skills in your important roles as both a Liberal Democrat councillor and a campaigner. The training includes: how to be an effective councillor, managing casework, political influencing, scrutiny and a Facebook advertising masterclass with Mark Pack.

    Find out more + book >>>

    Agents' Training, 23-25 November

    Taking place alongside our Autumn Kickstart weekend, we've developed a course to take prospective election agents through the process of being an agent in local elections. The course is suitable for complete beginners, but will also be relevant for those who want to bring their knowledge up to date. The legal framework we operate in continues to develop and so up to date training is vital for all agents.

    Find out more + book >>>

    The weekends provide an opportunity to meet and network with like-minded Lib Dems, who want to campaign hard to get the best deal for their communities.

    I hope to see you at one or more of our events this year.

    Best wishes,

    Cllr Neil Fawcett
    Development Officer, ALDC

  • Article: Apr 6, 2018
    By Shaun Roberts Director of Campaigns & Elections

    Did you see Vince Cable on BBC and ITV news on Wednesday night launching our 2018 local election campaign? If you didn't, you can read about and watch it here: libdems.org.uk/2018-local-election-launch.

    When this campaign is done, I want to see the words 'LIBERAL DEMOCRAT GAIN' flashing up on the TV screen again and again.

    You can help make that happen by:

  • Gender Balanceof Council candidates
    Article: Apr 6, 2018
    By Mark Pack Author, 101 Ways To Win An Election

    A little belatedly, it's time for the 2017 version of my annual post about the gender balance amongst council candidates and councillors in the big May round of elections.

    Diversity isn't only about gender, of course, but it is the strand for which there is a long-running data series stretching back to the early 1970s. That's important because there are regular and predictable fluctuations in the gender balance across the cycle of different sorts of council elections - and hence the longer term trend is the important thing to keep an eye on.

  • Vince Cable
    Article: Apr 5, 2018

    Elections on the 3rd May are your chance to make sure you elect Liberal Democrats who'll make a real difference in your community. Find out how you can help us do that here:

    There is a secret phenomenon in British politics.

    It is occurring in by-elections all over the country, week in, week out, to local authorities from Sunderland to Somerset.

    Against the Tories. Against Labour. In Leave areas. In Remain areas.

  • Mark Pack
    Article: Apr 3, 2018
    By Mark Pack Author, 101 Ways To Win An Election

    Increasingly, the online world is the frontline for political struggles. But why leave it just to the extremists and peddlers of fake news to be good at promoting their causes? We liberals, democrats and Liberal Democrats need to step up too.

    So want to get better at promoting the Lib Dems in what you do online? Then the daily tips in my new short Liberal Democrat Digital Power-Up course are just for you.

  • Busy Canvassing
    Article: Mar 24, 2018
    By Claire Turner in Liberal Democrat Voice

    "I don't mind delivering leaflets, but I wouldn't want to do canvassing." My thoughts exactly, a few months ago. I joined the Lib Dems in the aftermath of the EU referendum, determined to do something to demonstrate my frustration at the direction the Tory Government was leading us. Delivering leaflets was a positive activity and in the excitement of the 2017 General Election, I felt I was doing my bit. But over time, it has become clear that the task to influence public opinion and make the Government take notice of the 48% is huge. The leaflets were great, but I couldn't help wondering how many of them went straight in the recycling bin. What could I do that would make more impact with my time?

  • A pile of Liberal Democrat posters. Window posters mind. Not the really good ones.
    Article: Mar 22, 2018

    A few weeks ago, we asked our members what they thought about being a member - and what they thought our priorities should be. And these are the results:

    A little over two weeks ago, we asked our members a question. Do you like being a member of the Lib Dems?

    More than 12,000 of you replied - and this is what you had to say:

  • ducking 3
    Article: Mar 21, 2018
    By Mark Pack Author, 101 Ways To Win An Election

    With potholes in the news again and local elections hoving into view, now is a good time to repeat that standard advice: pothole photos don't have to be boring. In fact, no political campaigning photos have to be boring.

    Far too many political 'action' photos show someone staring at a camera from a distance as if the message to convey is, 'hey look: I'm a lonely person who is scared of coming too close to a lens'. Or, if you're lucky, several people standing static in a line all looking at the camera.

  • Mark Pack
    Article: Mar 17, 2018
    By Mark Pack Author, 101 Ways To Win An Election

    Back when I wrote How to rebuild the Liberal Democrats, the sort-of sequel to the original core votes pamphlet which attempted to set out in detail what a core votes approach means for the party's organisation, I highlighted why the party should move to making its key tools and resources all available free at the point of use to party members: