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  • Anita Front
    Article: Apr 27, 2017
  • Polling station
    Article: Apr 13, 2017
    By Antony Hook in Liberal Democrat Voice

    In 3 weeks most of the UK has a chance to vote in an election.

    The 2017 elections are a national opportunity to push back against hard Brexit. Unlike so much else that supporters and opponents of Brexit can cite as evidence of public support for their side, the success or failure of each side is measurable, public and real.

  • Anita Day
    Article: Apr 12, 2017
    By Anita Day in Postcard from a Lincolnshire Liberal

    I don't know if this ever happens to you, but occasionally I find myself doing an internal fist-pump! Generally it is caused by something I've seen or heard or read which resonates with me … perhaps a story of honour & courage, like the girl in Birmingham standing up to the EDL last weekend…. or the latest witty put-down of the US President on Twitter……or the incredible victory of a long-revered hero (Roger Federer, of course!). But usually, it is caused by something which encapsulates my beliefs and values.

    I've had a few occasions in Brexit discussions, of course, when someone has described feelings just like my own. But just this week, I had a fist-pump moment with an unlikely source. I happened to find myself on the Liberal Democrat website, on the page which displays the Preamble to the Constitution. For those who don't know it, it basically summarises what Liberal Democrats believe in. The statement hasn't changed in a while. And I've read it many times before. But somehow, on that particular day, it meant something. Without wishing to be sentimental - although actually I was - it reminded me of the reasons I am proud to call myself a Liberal Democrat. So I did an unexpected internal fist-pump! (Just in case you are interested in reading it too, you will find it here:

    I had a second internal fist-pump when I saw the final list of Lib Dem candidates for the Lincolnshire County Council elections on 4 May. This will be the first opportunity for people (including EU nationals) to deliver a verdict on this government's actions- so it was important that we fielded as many candidates as we could, to give voters the chance to vote for a Lib Dem and allow us to gauge our level of support post-Brexit. Although we didn't manage to put up a candidate in every division, we did manage to field 8 candidates in South Kesteven (out of 14 divisions), and 5 (out of 9 divisions) in South Holland, which was great progress.

    South Kesteven:

    Bourne South & Thurlby: Ian Smith

    Colsterworth Rural: John Ramsbottom

    Deepings East: Adam Brookes

    Grantham East: John Bland

    Grantham North: Claire Lunn

    Grantham South: Ellie Symonds

    Stamford East: Harrish Bisnauthsing

    Stamford West: Anita Day

    South Holland:

    Crowland: James Finister

    Holbeach Rural: Philip Hammersley

    Spalding East: Kathleen Tanner

    Spalding Elloe: Mark Currier

    Spalding South: Jordan Swallow

    Our thanks go to everyone who put themselves forward to stand as candidates - many of whom are first-timers - but equally to the campaigners, election agents, and deliverers who have come together to make these campaigns possible.

    As regards our prospects… some academics are predicting that the Lib Dems could win 100 seats nationally (with the Tories net winning 50, Labour losing 50, and UKIP losing 100). However Lincolnshire County Council is currently strongly Tory, so they are clearly the favourites.
    But who knows. Let's give the elections our best shot! Let's have a real fist-pump moment on 5 May!

    Take care, and speak soon


    PS: If you are interested in any of my previous Postcards, you can find them here:

    Membership Development
    South Lincs Liberal Democrats
    Tel: 07410 709338 / @AnitadayA / FB: Anita.Day.LD
  • John Marriott
    Article: Apr 8, 2017
    By Cllr John Marriott - Lincoln, Sleaford and North Hykeham in The Lincolnite

    After 30 years as a Councillor I have decided that it's time to move on and give someone else a chance. My own political journey started rather late. In this respect I was certainly no William Hague, allegedly reading Hansard at the age of 16! In this article I have tried to piece together why I got into politics in the first place and how I became and remained a councillor, at one time or another, at all three levels of local government in the county for so long. For those of you who fail to get excited when the words 'local politics' are mentioned, it's probably time to stop reading.

  • Anita Day
    Article: Apr 5, 2017
    By Anita Day in Postcard from a Lincolnshire Liberal

    Last Wednesday was a sad day for many people. For those of us concerned about Theresa May's decision to trigger Article 50, we had feared that day ever since 24 June last year.

    Of course, we had always known that it would come. But at various times, some of us had started to hope that perhaps it wouldn't actually happen… perhaps the legal challenges would halt, or at least delay, the process?.... perhaps Labour would finally vote against the government (and in line with their rhetoric about safeguards)?….perhaps the realisation that triggering Article 50 might lead to the break-up of the UK would cause the government to re-consider?...... perhaps the march of 100,000 people in central London (shockingly almost ignored by the BBC) would weaken Tory resolve? Or at least, if it had to happen, perhaps the government wouldn't go down the UKIP-inspired 'hardest of all' Brexit routes? But of course, they did! And for those of us incredulous that the ministers in charge of negotiations are as ill-informed and ill-prepared as they seem to be, it was hard to accept.

    So we mourn, and wonder what we should do now. Some say we should continue to fight to overturn the decision; others that we should accept the reality and focus on making the best of a very bad job. Lib Dem policy is that the people should vote on the terms of the final Brexit deal in another referendum. It's a good idea in many respects- I believe many Leavers didn't understand the implications - but I worry about how practical it would be, given that a 'no' vote could potentially mean more uncertainty - would we then revoke Article 50, leave the EU without any deal, or force the government to re-negotiate?

    I also worry that a majority of the British people - who have only a passing interest in politics and do not follow events avidly on Twitter as I do - may now become bored of the whole thing, and start to 'move on'. If they do, they might not engage with a second referendum even if it were called, and in the meantime, we end up being seen, not as the party leading the Remain cause, but the party who become irrelevant because that's all we talk about!

    It's a tricky problem, and I don't know the answer. I will, however, say that in my campaign literature for the Stamford West County Council elections, I do not mention the word 'Brexit' once (although there are vague references to the 'uncertain world' now facing our children!) That's primarily because it's a local election and I want to focus on the local issues where I think we can make a difference to people's lives. But it's also because I reason that Remainers already know where we stand, & I want us to be known for other things apart from just Brexit. Am I right to have taken that approach? I've no idea… but time will tell, I guess!

    Take care, and speak soon


    PS: If you are interested in any of my previous Postcards, you can find them here:

    Membership Development
    South Lincs Liberal Democrats
    Tel: 07410 709338 / @AnitadayA / FB: Anita.Day.LD
  • Lincolnshire County Council
    Article: Mar 26, 2017
    By Mark Pack

    This timetable is based on the one published by the Electoral Commission, but as ever make sure you double-check any crucial dates before relying on them. Even if there are no errors in this post or in the Electoral Commission's timetable, a Returning Officer who has got their timetable calculations wrong can throw a spanner in the works. You want to field that spanner in good time.

  • John Marriott
    Article: Mar 20, 2017
    By Cllr John Marriott in Letter to the Guardian

    Dear Sir,

    With all this talk about devolving more powers to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, please spare a thought for by far the most populous and largest 'nation' in the UK namely England. Isn't it about time that those of us north of Watford and west of Whitchurch got a piece of the action as well?

    Let's put the concept of the elected Mayor on the back burner for now. It might work in major conurbations but not in rural areas like mine. Instead, let's explore the necessity firstly of streamlining what currently exists of the emasculated rump of once proud local government by creating unitary councils out of what is still left of County and District Councils and investigate the feasibility of the representatives of unitary councils getting together in regional assemblies.
    You don't need more elections. Let those already elected to unitary councils nominate representatives to elect a Leader and Cabinet to run the big things democratically with the detailed local knowledge that no number crunching civil service in Whitehall can possibly possess.
    If a proper federalisation of the UK could be achieved then the parliament in Westminster (including an elected Senate) could concentrate on what most federal parliaments do, namely on Foreign Affairs, Defence, Environmental Protection and Economic Strategy. They can leave the rest to us, if they are prepared to trust us to do the job. But hasn't that been the problem?
    Cllr John Marriott
    18 St Hugh's Drive,
    North Hykeham,
    Lincoln LN6 8RD
    Tel: 01522 687965
  • Help Wanted
    Article: Mar 19, 2017

    Lincolnshire doesn't have many Liberal Democrat County Councillors at present. Two of the current four represent North Hykeham and its surrounding area.

    Both sitting County Councillors, John Marriott and Reg Shore, are not standing again and, with County Divisions being altered, it will not be easy for the party to retain either seat.

    The new Hykeham Forum seat is the only one that is exclusively in North Hykeham. It has been represented by the Lib Dems since 1993, firstly by the late Frank Witney and, since 2001, by John Marriott. To lose this particular seat would be a tragedy considering all the hard work that has been put in over the years.

    Experienced campaigner, North Hykeham Town Councillor, Jim Charters, is our candidate for the 'new' Hykeham Forum. Jim is already out there campaigning; but he needs help. Can you spare him some time between now and May? Jim needs help primarily with leaflet delivering but would also appreciate help with canvassing. If you can help please contact him on (01522) 853164 or email:


  • Anita Day
    Article: Mar 14, 2017
    By Anita Day in Postcard from a Lincolnshire Liberal

    When people ask where I live, I usually say Stamford, although I actually live in a village a few miles outside it. That's partly because they will have heard of Stamford (unlike my village, it was voted the best place to live in 2013!), but also because, in many ways, it feels like my spiritual home.

    Many friends live there, and it is the place in which I stroll, shop, eat out, meet friends for coffee or lunch, explore with visitors, or see cinema, live music or theatre. Theatre has been a particular delight! Having been involved in community theatre for 15 years, I was keen to join Stamford Shoestring Theatre Company when we moved into the area, and I quickly fell in love with its wonderful Arts Centre venue, its friendly & talented members and all-round top quality productions. Their play last September, Good People - in which I was fortunate enough to play a Bostonian professor with a rather unpleasant husband - remains one of the finest productions I've ever been involved in. And last week, we saw the excellent Tartuffe, which starred several friends from the company, and made me long to return to the stage… one day… when my life is a little less manic!

    Last weekend, we also attended a book-signing by celebrated local author & friend, Hilary Spiers, which took place at Walkers, a small independent Bookshop. As I walked around the shop, it seemed to sum up the essential charm of the town… beautiful & historic, certainly, but with a quirky, proud, independence.

    But the problem with picture-postcard towns is that visitors can leave thinking that everything is wonderful for their residents… when in fact, just as with all towns, there can be significant problems lurking beneath the surface. Stamford is really a town of two halves: one half appears affluent and looking forward to its next Georgian Festival; whilst in the other, there are issues around rising household bills, debt and social deprivation - Stamford has a foodbank too, perhaps not as large as Grantham's but just as important to those who need it.

    And there are the concerns shared by all residents: access to doctors following the creation of the Lakeside super-practice; the availability of social care for the elderly; sufficient secondary school places within the town; the onslaught facing small shops, pubs & restaurants following the changes to business rates, the pension rules & living wage; the fall in the pound putting up prices, and new parking restrictions which may deter coach parties from spending money in the town! Supporting our small businesses will become even more important in the months ahead.

    I'm honoured to have been asked to stand in May's County Council elections with Harrish Bisnauthsing as Lib Dem candidates for Stamford West & East respectively. Fifty years ago, Stamford became the country's first ever conservation area. We want to ensure that the decisions made by the County Council in Lincoln reflect the needs of Stamford people today!

    Take care, and speak soon


    PS: If you are interested in any of my previous Postcards, you can find them here:

    PPS: I'm very conscious that this week I've been talking about just one town - sorry! I hope that those who don't know Stamford didn't find it too uninteresting!

    But I want to send out the call! Please contact me if you fancy writing a 'guest' postcard for a future week about your local area, or another topic that you think might be of interest to our members and friends. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts, and I think others would too! So please get in touch! A

    Membership Development
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