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  • gain
    Article: Jun 22, 2018

    A bumper set of council by-elections or deferred contests from May this week.

    South Northamptonshire DC, Whittlewood - 21st June 2018

    No Lib Dem candidate in the five previous contests stretching back to 1999 and the ward's creation.

    LD Abigail Medina 366 [56.7%]
    Con 236 [36.5%]
    Lab 44 [6.8%]
    Lib Dem gain from Conservative
    No percentage changes as last election in 2015 was uncontested

  • A pile of leaflets to be delivered in a Liberal Democrat Office
    Article: Jun 15, 2018


    Elections weren't just being held for Parliament last night - there were also two Council by-elections, a delayed election in Southwark (with three seats up for grabs!) and a by-election in Doncaster.

    In London Bridge & West Bermondsey, we pulled off a stunning win - winning all three seats that were up for grabs.

  • hold
    Article: Jun 9, 2018

    Three previously Conservative held seats in principal authority councils. Two without a Lib Dem candidate last time. All with a Lib Dem candidate this time. And… one dramatic Lib Dem gain and three holds in a town councils


    Yateley TC, Darby Green & Potley Hill - 7th June 2018

    LD Jenny Cole 466 [74.3%]
    Con 161 [25.7%]
    Lib Dem hold
    Turnout 22.0%

  • gain
    Article: May 26, 2018

    Broadland DC, Aylesham - 24th May 2018

    LD Sue Catchpole 1018 [46.0%; +15.1%]
    Con 865 [39.1%; +6.8%]
    Lab 328 [14.8%; -7.2%]
    UKIP 0 [[0.0%; -14.6%]]
    Lib Dem gain from Conservative
    Percentage changes from 2015


    Bristol UA, Westbury-on-Trym & Henleaze - 24th May 2018

    Con 2900 [42.3%; +2.9%]
    LD Graham Donald 2704 [39.5%; +7.3%]
    Lab 891 [13.0%; -2.6%]
    Grn 355 [5.2%; -7.6%]
    Conservative gain from Lib Dem
    Percentage changes from 2016

  • ballot box
    Article: May 25, 2018

    Lancaster BC, University & Scotforth (2 seats) - 17th May 2018

    Lab 518 [47.7%; +12.3%]
    Lab 423
    Grn 264 [24.3%; -8.2%]
    Grn 235
    Con 184 [16.9%; -6.8%]
    Con 184
    LD Jade Sullivan 120 [11.0%; +2.7%]
    LD Iain Embrey 114
    Labour hold & Labour gain from Green
    Percentage changes from 2015, using top vote method
    Turnout 27.0%

  • Lib Dems Winning Here
    Article: May 22, 2018

    The results of the by-elections held on May3rd 2018 have now been published. Liberal Democrats gained 2 seats, held 6 seats and lost 1 seat.

    Milton Keynes BC, Newport Pagnell South - 3rd May 2018

    LD Paul Alexander 1533 [46.9%; -7.6%]
    LD Jane Carr 1433

    Con 858 [26.2%; +6.4%]
    Con 753
    Lab 637 [19.5%; +4.0%]
    Lab 628
    Grn 151 [4.6%; +4.6%]
    UKIP 91 [2.8%; -7.4%]
    Lib Dem hold
    Percentage changes from 2016, using top vote method
    Turnout 34.3

  • ballot box
    Article: May 8, 2018
    By Joe Otten in Liberal Democrat Voice

    The dust has settled from last Thursday, and Liberal Democrats have posted 75 net gains on the day. But a mere number hardly does justice to all the teams behind each result. So here are some shoutouts. In alphabetical order. Well done everyone, brilliant work.

    Apologies for any errors - this is coming from local council websites, some of which are easier to use than others. If it isn't clear which seats are gains I've just given a total, but please shoutout in the comments if you know.

  • A pile of leaflets to be delivered in a Liberal Democrat Office
    Article: Apr 20, 2018

    The Liberal Democrats won two of the council by-elections that were held last night (with one still to declare!), gaining two seats from the Conservatives!

    The Liberal Democrats, under Vince Cable, are winning seats up and down the country and against all opposition - because people know when they elect Liberal Democrats, they're electing someone who'll get things done for their community!

  • Liberal Democrat Gain
    Article: Apr 14, 2018

    Just the three council by-elections this week as the usual dip in their volume ahead of the May round of elections takes place. Two Conservative-held seats, one Labour-held seat and all three with Liberal Democrat candidates.

    Rogate ward on Chichester Council was fought by Kate O'Kelly, already a county councillor and making her the first Lib Dem candidate in the ward since 2007 after four contests without one since. And it was certainly worth her standing as she continued the run of Lib Dem gains from the Conservatives across southern England:

  • Liberal Democrat Gain
    Article: Apr 6, 2018

    Four by-elections this week, and one last week

    Highland UA, Caol & Mallaig - 5th April 2018

    LD Denis Rixson 658 [31.1%; +18.7%]
    SNP 574 [27.2%; -4.7%]
    Ind 454 [21.5%; +21.5%]
    Con 183 [8.7%; -2.2%]
    Ind 146 [6.9%; +6.9%]
    Ind 98 [4.6%; +4.6%]
    Lib Dem gain from SNP
    Percentage change from first preferences in 2017. Lib Dem elected at stage 5

  • Liberal Democrat Gain
    Article: Mar 23, 2018

    Eight Thursday council by-elections this week. Plus a ninth slipped in earlier in the week:

    Of the more conventional eight, three are Conservative defences, two Labour defences, two independent defences and one ex-Ukip seat with no Ukip candidate this time.

    The pattern of Liberal Democrat gains from the Conservatives across southern England has continued this week;

  • Liberal Democrat Gain
    Article: Mar 16, 2018

    Two of the contests in major councils this week are in South Kesteven council, Lincolnshire and the third is in Redcar.

    Walton PC - 15th March 2018

    LD Sharon Harris 158 [83.2%]
    Grn 18 [9.5%]
    Grn 14 [7.4%]
    1 Lib Dem and 1 Green elected


    Birchwood TC - 15th March 2018

    Lab 353 [73.4%]
    LD Matt Scott 128 [26.6%]
    Labour hold

  • Liberal Democrat Gain
    Article: Mar 9, 2018
    By Mark Pack

    After last week's full slate of Lib Dem candidates, this week's contestation rate slipped back to three quarters with six Lib Dem candidates in the eight seats. Disappointingly, that's down one on when these seats were last fought.

    The overall modest Lib Dem results across these eight seats - five Conservative defences, three Labour defences - does make this week a useful test of how broad the Lib Dem recovery is. Or, as Jonathan Calder would put it, a test of whether the party can score good third places (read his piece to see why that matters).

  • hold
    Article: Feb 23, 2018
    By Mark Pack Author, 101 Ways To Win An Election

    Another bumper set of council by-elections this week: eleven in total, of which nine have Liberal Democrat candidates. The two missing out on candidates are at least seats the party has in one case never and in the other case only once fought before - though even in the weakest of areas, every by-election can be a useful step in building up the party if the opportunity can be taken.

  • Liberal Democrat Gain
    Article: Feb 16, 2018

    A bumper set of fourteen council by-elections this week. None of the seats up are Lib Dem held. Rather, seven are Conservative, four Labour, one is an increasingly rare Ukip seat, one SNP seat and one is a residents group vacancy.

    After last week's disappointing dip this time there are eleven Liberal Democrat candidates (79%). That's up four on the last time all these wards were contested.

  • hold
    Article: Feb 9, 2018

    One moderately successful Welsh Assembly by-election down, seven main council by-elections to go. Alas, only two Liberal Democrat candidates across those seven vacancies.

    Teignmouth TC - 5th February 2018

    LD 438 [39.6%]
    Con 365 [33.0%]
    Lab 243 [22.0%]
    Ind 60 [5.4%]
    Lib Dem hold

    Brighton & Hove UA, East Brighton - 8th February 2018

  • Liberal Democrat Gain
    Article: Feb 2, 2018

    A pair of Labour defences make up this week's council by-elections. One in Cornwall and one in Sunderland, both have a Liberal Democrat candidate (yay).

    First result is, in traditional general election night style, from Sunderland. And wow:

    Sunderland MB, Pallion - 1st February 2018

    LD Martin Haswell 1251 [53.9%; +49.5%]
    Lab 807 [34.8%; -15.9%]
    Con 126 [5.4%; -7.2%]
    UKIP 97 [4.2%; -24.7%]
    Green 39 [1.7%; -1.8%]
    Lib Dem gain from Labour
    Percentage changes from 2016

  • Article: Jan 26, 2018

    Isle of Wight UA, Central Wight - 25th January 2018

    Con 547 [49.7%; -25.5%]
    LD Nick Stuart 286 [26.0%; +26.0%]
    Grn 143 [13.0%; -5.9%]
    Lab 101 [9.2%; 3.2%]
    UKIP 24 [2.2%; +2.2%]
    Conservative hold
    Percentage changes from 2017

  • hold
    Article: Jan 20, 2018

    Another week of five council by-elections. A full set of Liberal Democrat candidates this week, which is excellent news.

    Rochford DC, Downhall and Rawreth - 18th January 2018

    LD Craig Cannell 794 [77.0%; +16.6%]
    Con 237 [23.0%; +6.4%]
    Lab 0 [[0%; -7.9%]]
    Residents 0 [[0%; -15.2%]]
    Lib Dem hold
    Percentage changes from 2016

  • Liberal Democrat Gain
    Article: Jan 12, 2018

    After last week's slow start to this year's council by-elections, this week brings five council contests. Only three of them, alas, had Liberal Democrat candidates.

    South Molton TC - 11th January 2018

    LD Jacqui Footman 311 [41.6%]
    Ind 237 [31.7%]
    Lab 199 [26.6%]
    Lib Dem gain from Independent

    Thanet DC, Thanet Villages - 11th January 2018

  • Article: Jan 12, 2018

    Hertsmere BC, Borehamwood Cowley - 4th January 2018

    Lab 709 [59.8%; +3.4%]
    Con 381 [32.2%; -11.5%]
    UKIP 57 [4.8%; +4.8%]
    LD Paul Robinson 20 [1.7%; +1.7%]
    Green 18 [1.5%; +1.5%]
    Labour gain from Conservatives
    Turnout 19.2%
    Percentage change since 2015